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Our Shipping & Returns Guarantee 

While we offer FREE SHIPPING on hundreds of products with NO minimum purchase required, shipping and handling charges are calculated based on the actual weight, packing, consolidation, and destination of each order and will be displayed at checkout. This is where the human touch keeps shipping from being a profit center for us and insuring the most economical delivery to your door; with so many shipping options, consolidation variations, and carriers, it is almost impossible to get the most economical shipping charges at checkout. Sure it's fine if you want to give a great price on an item and make up the loss with exaggerated shipping charges; but that's no deal? We DO NOT inflate our pricing to cover so called FREE SHIPPING!! After we have consolidated your order the best way possible, with a timely delivery in mind, we compare your shipping charges on your order and refund you the difference. Who does that?!?  We Do! Guaranteed!

FREE Local Delivery is available to your Home or place of Business (includes a $3.00 gratuity excluding) Animal Rescues, Shelters, and Pet Pantry Charities, in 41 zip codes & 3 counties. You typically have 3 options at checkout, Free Store Pick-Up, Free Local Delivery if your delivery zip code is in our delivery system, and/or UPS, USPS, or FedEx, of which we will recalculate and reimburse within 1 to 24 hours of placing your order. Weekend orders receiving a reimbursement will be processed the following Monday not including National Holidays. Keep in mind if your ordering 30 pound bags of pet food, cases of canned pet foods, e.g. "large & heavy" products, it is extremely expensive and probably not a big savings and/or reimbursement; but we would be happy to quote it for you upon request.

We continually update, add, delete and discontinue items based on manufacture notices every day. Unfortunately with our large selection, sales volume, and constant demands of stocking inventory, some items can show availability when purchased only to find out manufactures have canceled a restocking inbound order and/or is having production, fulfillment, or recall issues, and/or has discontinued an item unannounced. We will diligently try to locate any available inventory with the factory and its representatives to fulfill your order and/or answer any questions or concerns, of any brands within our industry.

While we are happy too and do deliver Frozen & Raw foods every day, locally; please understand we no longer offer shipping of Frozen foods outside of our delivery zip codes. We will continue to explore shipping consistencies, value, and guaranteed delivery. Our goal is to reinstate this service when we can protect the quality & reduce the time sensitive delivery lead times with our shippers. We truly apologize for any inconvenience. We know safe pet food is as important to you as it is to us, we appreciate your understanding while we address this issue.

We are not in business to disappoint anyone, especially one with 4 legs, 2 wings, fins, or just wiggles and crawls along! We will do everything in our power to get your order to you regardless, and the fastest way possible. If we have exhausted all avenues without prevail; you will be notified via E-mail in one to three business days, your order is discontinued, backordered, or temporally delayed. We are not responsible for manufacturer/vendor shortages, recalls, production or availability but unfortunately it does happen sometimes. Please know; we will work with you any way that we can, we are here for you!


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